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The World’s Easiest Custom iPhone Tab Bar

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In the process of programming the Holler iPhone application, I took a look at a lot of the custom tab bar code currently available around the net but couldn’t find the solution I wanted. There were numerous attempts to customize the UITabBarController, none of which offered the simplicity that I was looking for. As such I wrote my own really simple tab bar.

I’ve decided to make the tab bar code available for anybody who’s trying to implement a crazy tab bar that your world-class designer has come up with! Implementing the custom tab bar can be implemented in one line code, after you’ve customized the included nib file (HBCustomTabBar.xib) and the tab bar manager (HBTabBarManager.m).

Just like many other libraries, all you need to do is include the tab bar manager in your view controller’s header file. Here’s an example view controller header file with the tab bar included:

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